API and integrations

API – automatic integration with your data

All through the process of developing the new things, we have built a so-called API, which makes it possible to integrate with other systems.

Evovia has an open API (https://api.secure.evovia.com – version 3). We provide this free of charge to those who would like to integrate their own data.

Some of our customers use our API-integration – some of them also with Single Sign On. Should we contribute to establish it, it costs our time with a one time payment of 403 €.

This amount covers project management and up to a maximum of 8 hours from our developers. If our developers need to spend more time it costs extra. See prices here.

If it is to be run via a robot - which has proven to be useful in several situations - then this costs a one time payment of 672 € and 26 € per month, which is charged once a year along with your annual license. It covers the man hours we need to spend to update and monitor the robot. On the other hand, you as a customer save a lot of time.

The API integration proces

  • We are building a RESTful API in a JSON format.
  • The 3 resources that will be available are departments, teams and employees. These are the 3 elements needed to maintain an organisation.
  • Besides this, it will also be possible to perform selected actions such as a sick notice on an employee.
  • All URL's contain a field (mus_module) which should be replaced by the tool in which you need to operate. This will always be core, when it comes to organisational data.
  • It is possible to maintain employee data (employees) via the API and the organisational structure in Evovia manually.

Please contact support to learn more about it, and they can also put you in touch with one of our IT developers.

Look into the API here: https://api.secure.evovia.com (version 3)