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Create a task

In minutes, you can create specific tasks between manager, employee and any involved.

1. Start by opening a minute (yellow arrow).


2. Click on the speech bubble (red arrow) next to a question to write minutes and create tasks.


3. Go to the tab ”Tasks” with the following options:

  • Red arrow: This is all the tasks created for the employee to this specific question. If there are tasks from e.g. last years EDP, they will be visible here. When you create a new task, they will be visible immediately.
  • Yellow arrow: Create a new task.
  • Green arrow: Edit tasks. See manual on how to edit tasks
  • Purple arrow: Change status of the task here.


EDP tasks notifications

How do the notifications regarding EDP work:

  • The responsible for the task will receive an e-mail by deadline for the task.

  • The e-mail looks like this:

  • Be aware that the text of the task is visible in the e-mail.

Digest mail on activity on a task:

  • In addition to the above, both manager and employee receives a daily digest e-mail on activities on the task regardless who is responsible (red arrow).
  • The text of the task is visible in the e-mail (green arrow).