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Create department or team

How to create departments and teams

1. Go to the gear in the top right corner and click ”Main organisation” .

2. Select the department in which you wish to create a new subdepartment. E.g. 'Marias test firm' in this example. Click ”Create department” (red arrow) or ”Create team” (purple arrow). Be aware that creating a new team with a manager without existing teams will cost a license. See our prices here.


3. If you are creating a team, give it a name and click “Create” (red arrow).

4. Click the pencil to edit the team.

This gives you five options:

  1. Rename:Give the team another name.
  2. Change owner:Give the team to another manager.
  3. Delegations: Give another managers/HR consultants access to different actions in your team.
  4. Move team: Move team to another department.
  5. Delete:Delete team. All employees must be removed from the team before it can be deleted.



5. Add employees to the team. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Search for the employee in the white box and add them by clicking the plus (green arrow).
  2. If the employee is not currently in a team, you will find them on the right side and can add them by clicking the plus icon (red arrow).


6. Employees must be created before they can be added to a team. Create them by clicking ”Create+” and select ”Employee/manager”.