Edit, close and chat about tasks

How to edit and close tasks as well as chat about them.

There are two ways to find your tasks.

1. You can access them on the front page (green arrow).

Tasks with less than 14 days until deadline or where the deadline has been exceeded are displayed under “Active tasks”.Billede1-Aug-12-2021-07-29-23-23-AM

2. Or click the bell in the top right corner and go to ”Tasks” (red arrows).

3. Click on ”Tasks” to get to the task overview (red arrow).

billede 1-1


4. Under the task overview, all your tasks are shown.

  • Red arrow: See tasks where you are responsible
  • Green arrow: See tasks where you are beneficiary
  • Purple arrow: Search in tasks
  • Yellow arrow: Open the filters. Here you can adjust how tasks are shown
  • Blue arrow: Sort the tasks by clicking on the headlines


5. Open the tasks by clicking on the icon with the pen (red arrow) or change status (green arrow).

billede 1-2

6. In the tab ”Edit” you can edit the fields:

  1. Select if the task is Not started, Started or Finished.
  2. Edit or add text to the task’s description.
  3. Change task priority.
  4. Change deadline date. Is the deadline overdue, you can select a future date.
  5. Select a (new) responsible person for the task.
  6. Save the changes.


The manager can edit a task even though it is the employee, who is responsible.

The employee can not edit a task, when it is the manager, who is responsible.
This is valid for tasks in the tab "Tasks where I'm beneficiary"

7. In the tab ”Details”, you can see more on the task :

  1. Information on when the task was created and who the task was made for.
  2. Description of the task.
  3. Which question in the questionnaire the task is made in relation to.


8. In the tab ”Activity” you can see information on when the task has been edited. You can also add a comment to the task.

  1. Write a comment which can be seen by all involved in the task.
  2. Change in task status.
  3. Change in deadline.
  4. Comment from the employee.
  5. Details on the original task.


9. If changes have been made, the people involved will receive an e-mail with the changes. The e-mail is sent out at midnight and will be ready in the mailbox of the involved by the next morning. You will not receive an e-mail update with every change made, but a single e-mail digest.