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Employee: Find your EDP minute

See the finished minute from your employee development plan (EDP)

1. When your manager has finished the minute, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox about the minute being available.

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2. How to find the minute
Login on Musskema.dk and open your EDP (red arrow).

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3. Choose ”See answers and/or minutes” (red arrow).

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4. Every question can be opened by clicking the speech bubble (red arrow). Dark speech bubbles means, that there is written a minute or made a task to the question. This provides a quick view of which questions have remarks.

Minute (yellow arrow) and tasks (green arrow) is shown.

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5. A complete view of the minute and tasks can be downloaded by clicking the Download button (red arrow).

Open the downloaded document at the bottom of the web page (green arrow).

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6. The minute is opened.

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