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Employee: How to fill in your EDP questionnaire

1. When your manager has sent you the EDP to fill in, you will receive the e-mail below. If your manager has written a personal message, it will be shown (green arrow). If it is the first you are logging into the system, click the link to order a new password (yellow arrow). If you have logged in before, go directly to the EDP questionnaire (red arrow).



2. On the front page you can see all your invitations. Choose the questionnaire to fill in (red arrow).



3. Click the button to open the EDP questionnaire (red arrow).



4. The top of the page shows who has access to the answers in your EDP answers (yellow box). You can download the questionnaire (red arrow). Be honest and precise when you choose a score between 1-6, which will show as a dot. Comments can be written in the text box on the right. Your answers are automatically saved, and the questionnaire is first sent to your manager when you click on the “Close and send the answer” button at the bottom.



5. If you previously have been to a EDP with your manager, you can see the minutes and tasks (green arrows) by clicking on the dark speech bubble by a question (red arrow).



6. If your manager has made it possible to choose between competence activities, a box like the one below will appear at the bottom. Request a course by clicking on it (red arrow). Be aware there might be more course lists to choose from on the left (yellow arrow).  



7. Click the ”Close and send the answers” button when you are finished. This will give your manager access to your answers.


How to see your EDP minute.