Find all your available 1:1 minutes

You can search for all the 1:1 minutes you have access to for a specific employee.

1. Start by going to the 1:1 tool. Here you will find a box 'Dialogues to which you have access' (red arrow).

1:1 archive 2


2. Enter the name of the employee, click on the name in the drop-down window and exit on 'Search'. Then all the 1:1 dialogues with this employee will appear. Click on the dialogue you want to open. In the overview you can see:
  • Red arrow:The name of the team to which he or she belonged during the dialogue.
  • Yellow arrow:Start date of the dialogue.
  • Purple arrow:Whether the dialogue is active or archived.

1:1 archive


3. To the right is the dialogue where you can open the minutes.