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How to use Competence Spiderweb

Learn how to choose the questionnaire, choose the desired score, send out to the employees, etc.

1. Go to the Competence Spiderweb module. Here you have following options. 

  • Red dotted arrow: The teams you can make competence spiderwebs for.
  • Yellow arrow: If you are the top manager, HR or head of a department, you can see a department overview.
  • Purple arrow: Via the 'Manage' button you can go directly to the tasks.


2. Next to your teams, you can go to directly to your team in the 'Main Organization' (red arrow).


3. To start a dialogue, click on the team name (red arrow). If you have no active dialogues, you will be asked to select the question sheet (purple arrow). Click on the question sheet you want and exit by clicking 'Save'. If you want to see the question sheet before creating, you can click on 'Example'.

If you have not yet created a question sheet, or want to edit the current one, you can read our general guide on question frames.


4. If you already have an active dialogue, but want to start a new one, click on 'Edit dialogue' and 'Start new round' (red arrow).


5. Check the box in the warning (yellow arrow) and click on 'New dialogue' (green arrow).


6. Now the dialogue has started, and the Competence Spiderweb can be sent to the employees. Start by clicking on 'Send options' so that the box unfolds (red arrow). Then you choose whether to send to everyone (click in the box next to the purple arrow), or whether it should only be sent to individual employees (click in the small box next to the employees - green arrow). If necessary, write a message to the employee in the white box. Send by clicking on 'Send to selected' (Yellow arrow).


7. Explanation of the icons:

  • Red arrow: Employee sheet. The color of the envelope indicates the status (grey = not sent, red = sent but not opened, yellow = opened, green = delivered).
  • Yellow arrow: Here you can set a desired score for each employee. The icon is green when you have set the score, and red where you have not set any score.
  • Purple arrow: Here you see the minutes sheet itself. The minutes are always open for comments, and therefore it will always be yellow.
  • Green arrow: Here you can open the Competence Spiderweb and get a graphic overview of the competencies.
  • Blue arrow: Delete the employee from that round.


8. If an employee is added to the team after the dialogue has started, you can add the employee to the round by clicking on the plus (red arrow).


9. Under 'Team data' (red arrow) you can set a desired score for the whole team (purple arrow) and draw a single Competence Spiderwebs for the whole team (yellow arrow).


10. If you and the employee want to create a task to a question, then open the question in the questionnaire by clicking on the speech bubble (yellow arrow). Then click on “Create new task” (red arrow), fill in the forms and finish by clicking on “Save”.

See the created task and previous tasks to the same question by clicking on the tab “Tasks” (green arrow). By deadline, a reminder e-mail is automatically sent out to the responsible for the task.


Read more about tasks - Edit, close and chat about tasks