Overview of secretary, HR and super user

Here you can see an illustration for the use of delegations, secretaries, super users and HR.

This gives you an overview of the delegation options.

None of these roles have access to confidential data such as dialogues, minutes etc.


Super user – delegated from the top, level 1 boss

  • Whether or not this boss delegates to an employee at top level or down in the team of Manager star 4, super users can act in the entire organisation.
  • Super users can create departments, teams and employees. Edit departments, teams, employees and delegate different rights to employees. Super users can also make others into super user.
  • See manual ”Select super user”.

Secretary – delegated by all managers

  • The secretary can access everything the manager can access except confidential dialogues and minutes. They can start up new dialogues without seeing confidential data as well as edit departments, teams and employees. They can also delegate rights to employees.
  • See manual ”Select secretary”.

HR administration– delegated by all managers with department responsibility e.g. level 3 boss (star 2). It is possible to delegate the following HR administration rights:

  • Access department, statistics and configuration.– grants access to act on an organisational level and edit questionnaires for the modules (configuration).
  • Access department and statistics- grants access to act on an organisational level without being able to edit questionnaires (configuration).
  • Access department, statistics and task list for EDP and 1:1 – grants access on organisational level and task list for EDP og 1:1.
  • Access department, statistic and sickness absence task list.– grants access on an organisational level and access to task list for sickness absence.
  • See manual ”Select HR administrator”.