Select super user

Make a manager or employee a super user

As top boss in the organization, you can make any employee a super user.

A super user can access everything in the organization both upwards and downwards:

  • Create departments, teams and employees.
  • Edit departments, teams, employees and data.
  • Change owner/manager in departments and teams and delegate rights to employees.
  • Can give other users status as super user.

A super user can not access configuration of question frames, dialogues or statistics in the modules.

1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and click “Employees” (red arrows).

2. Search for the employee (red arrow) and click the tiny arrow (yellow arrow). Click the tab “Switch super user status” (green arrow) so the star turns from white to black. To remove the status as super user, click the tab again and click “Switch super user” so the star turns from black to white.