Setting up the sickness absence module

1. Go to the gear in the top right corner and click ”Configuration”.



2. Go to the tab ”Sickness absence” for the following choices:

  • Red arrow: View or edit questionnaires. Read the manual on how to create or edit questionnaires.
  • Green arrow: Select the questionnaire for follow-up dialogues. It is available from the moment the sickness absence is registered and is always open. It is useful if you have an extra dialogue between the scheduled questionnaires or in case of long term sickness absence for more than 28 days, where there will not be sent further dialogue questionnaires out. It is optional to use, and every time it is used, the employee will receive a minute.
  • Yellow arrow: Here you can edit when each questionnaire is sent out to the sick employee.
  • Purple arrow: Here you can decide when the questionnaire for short term absence appears. By default this is set to be sent out when the same person within 90 days have 5 sickness absences.



3. Name task priorities at the bottom of the page (yellow arrow). Set the age interval for statistical use (red arrow). Be aware that age intervals are only useful if the birthday of the employees are registered.