Setting up the Survey module

How to give people access to the module and edit the module setup

1. To give a person access to use the survey module, the top manager or any superusers must involve that person in the top department.

Go to the 'Main Organisation'.


2. Click on the pencil next to the organisation's name and select the 'Delegations' tab. Enter the name of employees (red arrow), select 'Create survey' (green arrow) and click 'Create' (purple arrow). See all current delegations. Remove a delegation by clicking on the trash can (yellow arrow). If the person in question is to be able to carry out surveys for several departments, the person must have the same delegation in all the departments for which surveys are to be made.

These delegations are available in the survey module:

  • Create SURVEY: Gives access to creating and administrating a survey, exporting survey answers through Team data and generating survey statistics.   
  • Statistics (ES): Gives access to an overview of created surveys.

  • Statistics and tasks (SURVEY): Gives access to see tasks in the survey module.

See how the delegations are given in the manual “Select HR and administrator”.

In addition to this, access to each individual survey can be delegated to a manager or employee. 


3. Then go to the 'Configurations' tab, tick 'Survey' (red arrow) and click 'Save'.


4. Then you can change the setup. Go to 'Configuration'.


5. Go to the 'Survey' tab. Here you can create question sheets (yellow arrow) (read our general guide to question sheets) and choose to give the priorities in agreements other names. For example, very important, important and less important.