Setting up the team development plan module

How to set the TDP module up

1. Go to the TDP-module on the front page (red arrow).



2. The module has two options for configuration:

  • Yellow arrow:Manage TDP teams
  • Red arrow:View and edit questionnaires



Manage TDP teams

1. The TDP organization shows your existing TDP teams (yellow arrow) and you can create new teams for the TDP (red arrow).



2. Click the organisation icon to see the TDP team’s employees fold out (red arrow).



3. Click the team name to open it up to add or remove employees.

Remove an employee by clicking the minus icon by their name (red arrow). Add a person to the team by searching for their name and clicking on the plus icon (purple arrow) or find them by clicking the team name at the bottom right and click the plus by their name (yellow arrow).



4. Edit the team by clicking the pencil by the team name. This gives you the following choices:

  1. Rename the team
  2. Select who should be delegated access to dialogues
  3. Delete the team



View and edit question

1. Click ”View and edit question” (red arrow) in the TDP module.



2. These are your own and potentially other manager’s TDP questionnaires.

Read the manual on how to create or edit questionnaires.