Statistics and reports from onboarding

You can generate statistics from the onboarding processes in teams, departments, or the whole organisation.

1. Go to the onboarding module on the front page (green arrow).

2. In the box on the right side you can generate statistics from the onboarding. Choose between the following:

  • Red arrow: Choose a team for the statistic.
  • Yellow arrow: Choose a department for the statistic.
  • Green arrow: Choose a time interval.

Click ”Generate” to get the report.

3. The generated report shows:

  • The onboarding score based on the questions in the questionnaire (green arrow)
  • Match with expectations between manager/supplier and the newly onboarded employee (red arrow)
  • Onboarding score in team/department/company per quarter (purple arrow)
  • Individual onboarding scores for per team % between teams (dotted green arrow)
  • Individual onboarding score within teams in a department (yellow arrow)
  • Individual match with expectations in % within teams compared across teams (dotted green arrow)