Statistics for the sickness absence process

The process statistics will give you an overview of the organisation’s sickness absences

Each manager can see how many sickness absence dialogues have been held in their team. The owner of the organisation, HR administrators and department managers will be able to see the status of sickness absence dialogues in the organisation.


1. Go to the sickness absence module and click ”Menu”. Choose “Process statistics” (red arrow). 


2. These are the options for statistics.  


1) Choose a start and end date to see the statistics for the specific period. Be aware that all data from sickness absences with the first sick day within this period will count. This means that in the period for entire March, minutes from April will be shown if the first day of sickness was in March.

2) Choose the department you want to see statistics for. If you have administrative permissions in the organisation (department manager, owner, or HR administrator), you can see statistics for specific managers.

3) Click the bar to see the statistics.

4) This is the statistics. Use the grey bar at the bottom or the green arrows to scroll to the side, so all numbers are visible.

5). Click to unfold the organisation for a full overview of the statistics.

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