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EDP statistics

How to get statistics from EDP dialogues

1. Go to the EDP module, where there are several options for statistical reports.

  • Yellow arrow: Advanced statistics with filters.
  • Green arrow: PDF statistic for specific dialogue round.
  • Red arrow: PDF aggregated statistics from the EDP of the last three years.



2. The advanced statistics gives the following options:

  • Red arrow: Choose team or department. You can choose several for comparison.
  • Purple arrow:  Choose a year or latest round of dialogue.
  • Yellow arrow:  Choose specific questions to measure. If you want all questions in the report, you do not choose anything here.
  • Green arrow: Choose if the organization’s average should be included or not.

Finish by clicking ” Generate PDF”.



3. The graph shows the selected teams next to each other with different colors (red arrow). 


4. The last pages in the PDF show the distribution of answers - that is; how many have scored which values. The yellow arrow point to the scores from 1-6. Green arrow is how many have scored each value. 1 person has scored 5 and 3 persons have scored 6 on the question etc.