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Evovia is driven by
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Some might call us a software company, but that’s not how we see ourselves. Above all else, we are driven by our dedication to developing people in their roles. It’s this dedication that defines us – and our digital leadership tools help us make our vision a reality.

Evovia's team is made up of dedicated employees, and each one helps our users to achieve great results. Whether it's product support, the purchasing process, or one of our courses, you will always be treated with respect, honesty, and open dialogue.

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leadership research

Evovia has deep roots in leadership research

We love being leadership nerds. Because we genuinely believe it’s one of the most important things in the world. For employees. For leaders. And for their organisations. That’s why we work closely with the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership and researchers at Aarhus University, building our platform upon an evidence-based foundation.

We also contribute to leadership research ourselves with our CEO's business PhD, which researched the impacts of digital dialogue tools. Based on the findings Copenhagen Business School and NOCA awarded him the "Upcoming HR-researcher of the year" in 2024.


The story of Evovia

Digital support
of management and HR

Since our developers wrote the first line of code back in 2006, Evovia has been on an exciting adventure. What began as a digitalisation of the EDP process has today become a complete leadership platform to help leaders achieve their goals.


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