Digital offboarding
to capture insights

Evovia's offboarding tool gathers important learnings and coordinates dialogues with employees who leave your organisation. It is not an administrative tool, but a dialogue process in which the employee completes a questionnaire that is used by HR or the team leader in their exit interview. It gives a clear picture of areas of possible improvement for employee retention.


How Evovia's offboarding works

Before the conversation:
• You decide on the structure of the dialogue and prepare the questionnaire.
• HR or the manager sets up the offboarding process.
• The questionnaire is sent to the employee.
• The employee shares their responses with the person responsible for the exit interview.
• The owner of the exit interview prepares for it based on the employee's responses.

During the conversation:
• The exit interview owner and employee participate in the conversation.
• Conversation minutes, including any agreements, are prepared and confirmed during the meeting.
• All agreements are collected into one overview.

After the conversation:
• The exit interview owner receives a reminder ahead of any agreement deadlines.
• Visual overviews and statistics collate the experiences of those people who leave the organisation.
• Benchmarking across departments is possible.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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