Workplace assessments

Digital tool for
workplace assessments

Your physical and psychological work environment directly influences the wellbeing and performance of your employees. That's why it's important to devote attention to that environment. Evovia's tool makes it easy to carry out a workplace assessment (WPA) that allows all employees to share their views on their work environment. Visual overviews highlight any challenges, and specific agreements ensure that improvement takes place.


How Evovia's
WPA's work

• You generate a survey with ratings and text-based questions.
• Evovia offers templates to suit different industries.
• You decide on how to organise your WPA.

During the WPA:
• The WPA owner invites employees to complete the WPA survey.
• Employees fill out the survey and share it with the WPA owner.
• The WPA owner analyses the responses with the help of overview graphics.
• Optional risk assessment and assessment of legal obligations.
• The WPA owner writes up notes with specific agreements, to be used as an action plan.

Follow up:
• All agreements are gathered into one overview with the option to filter by risk, importance, and legal obligations.
• Relevant parties receive email reminders as deadlines approach.
• Annual work environment discussions take place within the same framework and are registered as such.
• Statistics and overview graphics show development over time and document completed work for the relevant authorities.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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