Structured onboarding to ensure retention

A successful onboarding process can be likened to climbing a mountain. The new employee has to work their way up the mountain, stopping at camps along their way to the top. During the process, the employee will go through several psychological phases that will each require a different approach from their manager.

Evovia's onboarding process helps managers understand their employee's situation, increasing the likelihood of that employee staying with the organisation and helping them to start contributing straight away.



How Evovia's onboarding works

• You come up with a checklist of practical preparations.
• You decide on the onboarding process structure and questionnaire content.
• HR or the manager sets up the onboarding process.
• The questionnaire is automatically sent to the employee.
• The manager gains insights from the employee's responses, helping them prepare for their conversations.

• The manager and employee participate in onboarding dialogues.
• Conversation minutes, including any agreements, are prepared and confirmed during the meeting.
• All agreements are collected into one overview.

Status checks and follow up:
• The manager and employee receive reminders ahead of any agreement deadlines.
• Graphical overviews and statistics show the standard of the onboarding process.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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