Evovia offers courses and visits by our consultants

Evovia has many years of experience in educating, equipping and teaching leaders in the relationship with employees - also in getting greater benefits from EDP and other employee dialogues. We also offer courses on using our digital products.

We offer several products on our platform and you can be updated on the whole package or parts of the package.

Evovia offers Duration Price

Kick off course
- On your location, preferably
- Can also be held in 2 hours
- Or online

3-4 hours
2 hours
max. 2 hours

1.277 + transportation
327 + transportation
Brush-up course
- A knowledge update
- Online

2 hours
1 ½ hour

470 + transportation
Half-day course
For managers who want to optimize the value of their employee dialogues and to expand their knowledge of management theor

4 hours 1.277 € + transportation
One-day course
The same as above, but here we dig a little deeper, work with cases, test it in groups and so on
7-8 hours 2.150 + transportation
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All prices are excl. VAT and 2022 prices