Sick absence dialogue

Digital tool for conducting dialogues about sickness absence

Evovia's sickness absence tool helps you establish a dialogue with an employee who is on sickness leave, making it easier for managers to approach what could otherwise be a difficult conversation.

You decide how often the manager and employee should connect, as well as which questions the conversations should cover. Evovia takes care of the digital side of administration and documentation.



How Evovia's sickness absence dialogue works

Sickness absence policy:
• You decide how often a manager should contact their absent employee (e.g. day 1, day 5, day 14, and day 28).
• You set up questionnaires for the discussions on each of these days.
• Managers, HR, or colleagues can register an employee as being on sickness leave.
• Going on sickness leave and returning from it can be registered in a different system, with the data being captured in real time by Evovia's API integration.

Dialogues about sickness absence:
• The manager receives an email reminder when the employee should be contacted.
• With one click inside the email, the dialogue's agenda opens up.
• The manager writes dialogue minutes and agreements directly into the agenda.
• The minutes are sent out to the employee with one click.
• The process ends automatically when the employee's return to work is registered.

Status checks and follow up:
• Reminders ahead of any agreement deadlines help you follow up.
• Graphical reports and statistics show current sickness absence as well as ongoing absence dialogue processes on a departmental and organisational level.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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What value does Evovia give you?

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Benefits for managers

Effective dialogues

It will be easy to check in with employees about sickness absence thanks to the email reminders you receive when such a conversation is due. The form helps you ask the right questions, and you'll experience the impacts of systematic sickness absence dialogues straight away. You'll be able to spot poor wellbeing and catch stress before it gets worse, helping your employees thrive and boosting their development and performance.  

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Benefits for HR and top management

Framework setting and broad overview

You'll set the framework for dialogues about sickness absence between managers and employees by setting up questionnaires, deciding on the frequency of the dialogues, and establishing how they will flow. Process statistics give you an overview of which managers are conducting conversations and the impact they are having on sickness absence. Your organisation's sickness absence will be reduced by systematic dialogues, and you'll have the chance to implement a sickness absence policy with shared standards for dialogues and follow ups.

Benefits for employees

Poor wellbeing is taken seriously

Your manager will take conversations about potential difficulties seriously. Continuity and a structured sickness absence policy will reassure you and you’ll know when to expect to be contacted. There will be transparency around sickness absence, and you'll be able to see your sickness absence notes. Making concrete agreements together ensures that action is taken in instances of poor wellbeing and sickness.



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