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Competence development

Digital process for managing competency development

Evovia's tool for competency development guides the whole process from the decision to send an employee on a major course or further education, through to applying the employee's new knowledge to your organisation and sharing it with relevant colleagues.

The tool is based on leadership researcher Robert Brinkerhoff's model for competency development. According to Brinkerhoff, there are three major sources of mistakes when approaching competency development. In his '40-20-40' model, he suggests that 40% of mistakes occur during the preparation phase, 20% as part of the training itself, and the remaining 40% of mistakes are related to how the knowledge is implemented into an organisation.

Evovia's tool helps organisations recognise and avoid these common pitfalls.



How Evovia's competency development works

• You decide on questionnaire content for related dialogues.
• You formulate the structure of your process from goal setting and approval to evaluation and implementation.
• A process owner (e.g. HR) inputs dates, adds participants, and gets the process going.
• The tool helps you take specific actions on specified dates.

Dialogues about courses:
• The dialogue owner and employee participate in a dialogue.
• Conversation minutes, including any agreements, are prepared and confirmed during the meeting.
• An evaluation of the proposed education is made available.
• All agreements are collected into one overview.

Status checks and follow up:
• Participants receive reminders ahead of any agreement deadlines.
• Published notes provide shared knowledge about previous experiences.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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