Simple and flexible price model

Get access for only 363 € annually

A license costs 363 € per year, giving one manager access to the whole suite of tools.

*If an employee needs special access to dialogues (e.g. Work Place Assessment, WPA), they will need a license if they don't already have one. If the manager's employee total is higher than 30, they will need an extra license.


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Management courses

Courses about management and
digital tools

Evovia has many years of experience in educating, equipping and teaching leaders in the relationship with employees. We also offer courses on using our digital products.


Set up Evovia
Set up

Get help to the setup

Evovia helps you get started with our digital tools. Depending on which solution you choose, you will get your organization and questionnaires created in Evovia.


Let talk about
your options

We will call you so that we can find a solution together.