Team dialogue

Digital dialogue tool
for team meetings

You can use Team Dialogue for all kinds of dialogues with multiple participants. It could be a group development catch up, a staff meeting, a project status update, or anything else you can imagine.

All attendees complete a questionnaire that is sent out before the meeting, allowing you to base the agenda on the attendees' responses. Minutes and agreements are inputted directly into the form during the meeting, and they are sent out to all attendees with just one click.



How Evovia's Team Dialogues work

Before the meeting:
• You generate a questionnaire with ratings and text-based questions.
• The meeting owner decides who should attend.
• The meeting owner invites the attendees to complete the questionnaire.
• The attendees complete their preparation and share the questionnaire with the meeting owner.
• The meeting owner completes their preparation based on the attendees' responses.
• Graphs with average scores show where the team sees potential opportunities and challenges.

During the meeting:
• The meeting owner and attendees participate in the meeting.
• Meeting minutes including any agreements are prepared and confirmed during the meeting.
• All agreements are collected into one overview.

After the meeting:
• The meeting owner and attendees receive a reminder ahead of any agreement deadlines.
• Graphical overviews and statistics display the team's progress.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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