Digital tool for wellbeing assessments and surveys

Evovia's survey tool supports both internal and external surveys. This means that you can choose to survey your organisation using your current Evovia set up, or you can add external users and organise them manually before sending out the survey.

Internal surveys can be used for wellbeing questionnaires and more, while external surveys can be used for customer satisfaction research and questionnaires for collaboration partners.



How Evovia's
surveys work

• You decide on the purpose of the survey and the questions.
• The survey owner sets up the survey and decides on participants, segments, roles, dates, and anonymity.

• Participants are automatically sent the survey.
• The survey owner can keep track of responses.
• Reminders can be sent out to those who have not yet responded.
• When the survey closes, the owner decides how to handle segments with few responses to ensure anonymity.
• Managers or team leaders are automatically informed when the survey closes and the processing of data can begin.

Follow up:
• Managers or team leaders can analyse the results and set up meetings.
• Notes with specific agreements are added to the survey.
• Deadline reminders ensure progress.
• The survey owner can track the action plan's status.
• Visualised reports and statistics display the results.
• Repeated surveys show development over time.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.

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