Subscription Terms and Conditions 

The following subscription terms and conditions apply to use of Evovia:

What is covered by a license
Evovia is built up so that you get access to the entire package via an annual license. A license covers a manager or an employee involved in dialogue.

This means that a manager/employee who has a license is free to use all of the tools.

If an employee is only to have access to dialogue in WPA, this requires a license, unless you are already a license-bearing manager/employee in the main organization.
The manager can divide his employees into the number of teams they want at no extra cost.
If the manager's total number of employees exceeds a total of 30, then an additional license is required for this manager.
A license costs 410 € pr. year.

See prices here.

Ordinary everyday support is free.

Major tasks such as changes in case of major reorganisations etc. cost a bit; the fee is agreed upon before we get started.

The Customer's responsibility as data Data Controller
Please note, that it is the Customer, as Data Controller, that has the responsibility for the data that is imported or entered into the EDP system, and who thus also the responsibility for complying with the Data Protection Act. All customers have accepted Evovia's data processing terms, which comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation and applicable Danish compliance laws.

Evovia provides a range of professional tools for the various measurements and evaluations contained in our concepts.

Evovia cannot be held responsible for the use of these scales, measurements and graphs or the interpretation of these by the individual Customer. This is solely the responsibility of the Customer.

The employee's entered data is confidential - except that the nearest manager can see entered data. In addition, other relevant parties may be involved, but this will always appear in the summary of the employee where this data is entered. Apart from this, employee entries are confidential.

Statistical data - 100 % anonymised primarily for research purposes
Evovia reserves the right to, in conjunction with university researchers, use statistical data in 100 % anonymised form for scientific purposes. This is an option that we have always included in our terms and conditions, and it follows the following principles:

Evovia makes a data extract that is 100 % anonymous and cannot identify any particular customer or group, as data extracts are selected only on the following parameters:

  1. The gender of the manager
  2. The gender of the employee
  3. The manager's span of control (number of employees with direct reference to the manager)
  4. Public or private company
  5. Geographical main categories
  6. And in some overall industry groups, when a critical mass of customers is present so that anonymity can be maintained.

If a customer does not wish to be included in such a benchmark, one can be exempted by contacting Evovia. In that case, the customer will neither participate nor be able to make use of this benchmark.

Among other things, we have for some years worked together with the Department of Political Science at the University of Aarhus.

Product information and newsletters about the Evovia system
Evovia is required to keep its customers informed about new possibilities through product information and newsletters. Therefore, such mails are sent directly to all managers and executives in the system + to those who have otherwise been created as recipients. You can cancel newsletter subscriptions - but no customer can opt out of receiving regular information about the product's development and use. At least one recipient in each company must receive this. If a customer wishes to reduce the number of recipients of this information - please feel free to contact Evovia.

Regulation of prices
The license fee is regulated once a year based on official price indexes and innovation on the platform.

Billing and possible termination
The customer accepts at the time of creation that we forward an annual invoice for the following year's (= 12 months) license in the month of creation. If for some reason, the customer wishes to stop, we can be notified of this in writing / via e-mail to Evovia no later than 14 days after receipt of the annual invoice and you will then receive a credit note and a 2-week period to retrieve relevant data from the system before being deleted in Evovia.

The annual license covers 12 months use paid in advance, and termination in the middle of the period does not entitle to any reimbursement of individual months.

See prices and various other offers here and here.

Version, January 2024