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Ongoing 1:1

Digital tool for 1:1 conversations

Ongoing 1:1 can be used for any kind of conversation between two people. It could be a status check-in between a manager and an employee, a regular development catch up, a meeting about a project, a difficult conversation, or something else entirely.

1:1 conversations are a particularly useful tool for remote leadership, in order to ensure closer connections and continual progress.



How Evovia's 1:1 conversations work

Before the conversation:
• The manager sets up their own 1:1 form for preparation and the conversation itself.
• The manager invites their employee to complete the 1:1 form.
• The form can be sent out automatically at a set time, eg. the first Tuesday of the month.
• The employee completes their preparation and shares the form with their manager.
• The manager completes their preparation based on the employee's responses.

During the conversation:
• The manager and employee have their 1:1 conversation.
• They can refer to previous meeting minutes and tasks.
• Conversation minutes including any agreements are prepared and confirmed during the conversation.
• All agreements are gathered into one overview.

After the conversation:
• The manager and employee receive a reminder ahead of any task deadlines.
• The 1:1 conversation can be connected to an EDP dialogue.
• Visualised overviews and statistics show the employee's development.
• Data is stored confidentially and in accordance with GDPR.


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