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In the recent years, has undergone an extensive development, and it has become necessary to rethink the name as well as a new visual identity to better accommodate our company and leadership tools.

By Joachim Langagergaard

In the recent years, has undergone an extensive development, and it has become necessary to rethink the name as well as a new visual identity to better accommodate our company and leadership tools. We are still founded in the same vision and view on leadership and development of employees, however it will be under the name: Evovia - growing people and results.


From digital EDP-system to full suite leadership tool

Since our developers wrote the first string of code back in 2006, Evovia has been on an exciting journey. What started as a way to digitalize EDP is today an entire platform supporting good leadership.
“During questions after a course on leadership back in 2006, I was asked which digital tools could be used to develop employees. At the time, there were no appropriate systems fit for this, so I mentioned some suggestions for a system, which the attendees strongly urged me to develop”, says CEO and founder, Poul Langagergaard, who back then turned the request down.

The thought, however, kept lingering in his mind, so he decided on a collaboration with a software developer, and that is how, the tool for dialogue, came to be. As it so often happens on long journeys, the founders became aware of a new terrain along the way.

“We quickly realized that our tool was not merely digital questionnaires for EDP, TDP, workplace assessment, etc., but an insistent process improving the quality of the dialogues. This piqued our interest. Why was it that many of our users experienced, that the dialogues improved?”, Joachim Langagergaard, Director and Partner in Evovia, asks. He continues:

”It turns out, that starting out from the employee’s perspective is crucial. Doing so gives the manager the opportunity to better understand the employee’s situation and practice what we call practical empathy. In the dialogue, the manager and employee will quickly talk about what is relevant for the employee – and thereby also for their manager. When they agree on which tasks is to be done from the dialogue, this eases the follow-up and serves as support in a busy workday.”

The dialogues will go from being an unstructured talk to a specific action plan taking the employee’s work situation into account as well as based on clear objectives and tasks.

Evovia’s platform is in its current state a full-suite leadership tool for the individual manager to ensure their employees wellbeing, development, motivation, and to create results through confidential dialogues. HR can set the stage for the process and delegate roles as well as have an overview of the development in the organisation.

Team Evovia

A platform under constant development

At the beginning of 2020, Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup became a part of the team. As Head of Development and industrial PhD student, he has been a part of increasing the relation between leadership research and Evovia’s digital leadership tools.

”We are still gaining new knowledge and experience in the collaboration with our customers, as well as on the basis of the leadership research, which is also making new achievements these years. We will continue to use that knowledge in the future for continuous further development and renewal of our tools. In that way we can continue to have the best tools supporting good leadership though dialogue”, Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup adds.

The foundation for this development, among other, is Evovia’s own research, which is ongoing though the project “Leadership Tools: Visionary Leadership and Organizational Performance (LEVO)” in a collaboration with the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership at Aarhus University.

New name, same vision

Although Evovia’s journey is far from over, this is the turning point where they need to retell the core narrative.

“We are not merely a digital EDP-system or a HR-system. We are a digital leadership tool which helps organisations support good leadership, delivering results that can be seen on the bottom line. At the same time, we are more active on an international scale, where the Danish-sounding "" does not automatically make sense. Right now, we have users in more than 20 countries, and our tool is used in 13 different languages. The time for a name change has never seemed more fit”, Poul Langagergaard says.
Evovia's vision to help more leaders perform more and better leadership is the same and will from now on happen under the name: Evovia – growing people and results.

EVO comes from evolve and evoke – to develop and evoke potential. VIA can be associated with the road/way to or via dialogue.

Evovia Logo

The apple tree represents the visual identity

Evovia’s new logo maintains the illustration of an apple tree, yet also showing the contours of a person.
“Ever since the company’s beginning, we have spoken to thousands of leaders about what we can learn about leadership of people by looking at apple trees in a plantation. Surprisingly, there is much to learn about meeting basic needs and the ability to deliver both good and long-term results”, Joachim Langagergaard says.

The apple tree and the organic shape of the apples is something, you will meet in every aspect of Evovia’s new visual identity and colour scheme.