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Jørgen wins Upcoming HR-researcher of the year

Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup has won the Upcoming HR-researcher of the year award.

By Joachim Langagergaard

Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup has won the upcoming HR Researcher award 2024.

The award was presented on 7th March 2024 during the Cranet HR Conference and is one of the two categories for the HR Researcher Award. Copenhagen Business School Executive Foundation (CBS Executive Foundation) and NOCA (HR executive network) are the institutions behind the prize, that has been awarded researchers in the HR field for three consecutive years now.

The award was given based on the work on and communication of the results from the LEVO research project (Leadership tools: Visionary leadership and Organizational performance) . The LEVO project has explored the effects of leadership tools and leadership training, and the extensive field experiment has led to a range of exciting new insights.

This award once again confirms that the research project provides significant and relevant insights that can make a difference for HR professionals.

"I am honored to have been recognized with the 'Upcoming HR Researcher of the Year' award for my work on the LEVO project. I am proud that the jury has recognized the importance and significance of the findings, as well as the effort put forth by the numerous leaders and employees who participated. Additionally, I am grateful for the acknowledgment of how the LEVO project can contribute to the practice of effective leadership," says Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup.

The award holds significant meaning for Evovia as a company as well.

Relevant insights across sectors

The LEVO project, initiated nearly four years ago by Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup, holds intrinsic value for the ongoing development of Evovia and our platform. Furthermore, the recognition from some of the nation's most talented HR professionals and leadership researchers underscores the project's communication and its insights' practical relevance.

During the award ceremony, the jury highlighted:

"Your research manages to highlight the importance of digitalisation"

"The experimental design's support for the results is noted as rare and interesting and shows relevance for HR across sectors"

"The presentation performed with skill emphasizes the potential of digital nudging"


About the HR Researcher Award

The HR Researcher Award is presented in collaboration between NOCA, CBS, and CBS Executive Foundation. It has been held since 2022Since 2023, the award has also recognized upcoming HR researchers. The aim of both the conference and the award is to provide HR professionals with a better overview of the most relevant research projects, fostering a closer relationship between research and practice.

About the LEVO-project

The LEVO project, a collaboration between Evovia and the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership, received funding from the Innovation Fund.

This extensive field experiment involved 4,500 employees and 226 leaders, examining the effects of leadership tools and training. Insights include the impact of goal-oriented development dialogues and how digital leadership tools can enhance training effectiveness.

Jørgen wins the prize as "Upcoming HR-researcher of the year"


Jørgen explains what the award means for him


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