Sub Data Processors

The data processor acts from the company's headquarters in Aarhus and, moreover, has employees located at several locations in Denmark, all of which are covered by the same security (here).

Sub data processors
All data is stored in a German data centre at Hetzner Online GmbH.
Data does not leave the hosting centre unless agreed with Data Controller. Data is stored on the Data Processor's computers only to the extent that the content is cached in the browser. Personal data will only be cached on the Data Processor's computer if the Data Controller has allowed the Data Processor to work on the data.

Sub Data Processors, with whom we have a Sub Data Processor agreement:




Bøgevej 32,
5200 Odense V

Main responsibility for the technical development of the entire Evovia platform and therefore have full access
Hetzner Online GmbH DE 812871812 Industristrss. 25, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Tyskland Hosting of all servers
Hetzner Finland Oy


Huurrekuja 10,
04360 Tuusula, Finland

Storage of encrypted backup 29849439 Refshalevej 163A,,
1432 København K.
Responsibility for sending automails from the Evovia platform 29412006 Højvangen 4,
8660 Skanderborg

Extra livebackup of data


Version, January 2021